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Wisconsin city’s anti-bullying ordinance would fine parents

A Wisconsin city is considering putting into action an anti-bullying ordinance that would fine parents if their kids bully others. Wisconsin Rapids’Legal Committee voted unanimously to advise the ordinance to the Common Council. The body will consider it on June 18, the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune reported.

A draft of the ordinance, which forbids bullying, harassment and retaliation, was proposed by Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools Superintendent, Craig Broeren, after a viral social network’s incident showing handwritten notes a local intermediate school lady had received from her peers prompting her to eliminate herself.

The procedure would hold parents and guardians accountable for such habits of children more youthful than 18 years of ages.

Penalties for a very first fineable offense would be $50, with additional costs bringing the total to $313, City Attorney Susan Schill said. However parents would receive a written caution first.

“Preventing bullying requirements to be a partnership in between the schools and moms and dads and the police department,” Wisconsin Rapids Cops Chief Ermin Blevins said. “If we don’t interact, we won’t have the ability to resolve bullying.”

Broeren, who has been superintendent of the district because 2017, is hoping if the regulation passes, it will combine moms and dads, the school and the authorities department to address and assist combat bullying.

The ordinance was modeled after one carried out in by neighboring Plover Cops Department in 2015. The citation in Plover is $124 if a child is captured bullying another, the Rapids Tribune reported.

Plover Cops Chief Dan Ault said the department hasn’t fined anybody in the 4 years considering that the ordinance was passed, and it has actually released less than a lots composed cautions. Ault kept in mind that informing the general public was the most significant result.

“It triggered a shock factor,” Ault stated. “Moms and dads needed to pay attention. They need to take it seriously since there’s a charge. This isn’t federal government informing you how to raise your kids. It’s government pleading you to raise your kids.”